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Customer Reviews & Stories

Although we are a new auto repair shop in town this definitely isn't our first rodeo. After running a very successful auto repair shop in Kelseyville, CA we decided to sell the shop to our long term friend (Patrick) and relocate here, in order to be closer to friends and family.

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We have used Trust Auto I think 4 times now. Every time is better than the time before. They are quick and give great honest service. Mike and his team are so nice and welcoming. I'll be honest we found them by accident because our normal shop was full and couldn't work us in. Mike has always worked us in. I can't recommend this place enough!! From my family to yours.. Trust Auto!!

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Trust Auto Repair is the best discovery I've made in years. My grown kids all drive older vehicles and Trust Auto has made repairs incredibly quickly and amazingly affordably. They've gone above and beyond in customer service and truly live up to their name. I can't recommend them highly enough and wish I could give them more than five stars.

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I trust Trust Auto Repair. Great service and quality work at a fair price. They have done work on all 4 of our vehicles. I'm so glad we found them.

Yelp Review

Found an HONEST mechanic!! Score!!!! Instead of dealing with a Service Sales guy, you deal directly with the person repairing your car. And Mike will tell you *exactly* what your car has and out of that what *really* needs to be fixed now.

My experience was great, unlike with other places I've been where they try to make you spend as much as you can and replace parts that are not remotely in need of replacing. On top of that, he is super friendly. I am definitely bringing my cars back to Mike.

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Excellent work. I bought a used car and was not told that it had been in a wreck as well as had part of a used engine from a different model year put in it. Also, it had been poorly assembled. Mike and John were able to decipher all the weird things that had previously been done to the car.

The head had begun to come off the engine and the harmonic balancer was broken. They repaired it with the correct parts and did so quickly. Mike was upfront about everything and showed me all that needed to be done before any work began. He also kept me up to date as the engine was disassembled.

I highly recommend Trust Auto Repair.

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I am absolutely amazed at the service I received at Trust Auto. I had a radiator in my 2004 Infinity that needed repair the day after New Years, and Michael and his team had it done the same day! He was generous enough to stay late and allow me to pick up my vehicle after closing. My car drove like new! 2 days later our 2015 Tahoe was in his shop. Michael had my quote to me quickly and my car was back at home the very next day!

2 Vehicles in 5 days and I now have a new Service/Repair shop for my family! I WILL NOT go to anyone else from now on!

Yelp Review

I brought in a used vehicle to have inspected before buying it. Mike was very straightforward and honest when describing the problems that the vehicle had, and prevented me from making a costly mistake. Unlike many mechanic shops might do, Mike did not sugarcoat this vehicle's problems in order to gain future business when I brought it in to him for repairs. Because Mike is the owner and soul operator of this business, I like that I can count on him always being the person who does the repairs on my car. Mike seems like a no nonsense kind of mechanic who has the customer's best interest in mind. I highly recommend him!

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I've started going to Trust Auto Repair about a year ago, and I am thrilled I've found a mechanic I can trust. Mike is honest and not just out to make as much money as possible, which is the feeling I get at most other places. I highly recommend Trust Auto Repair and will be using them for all my car care needs.

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Mike took my call before officially opening his shop and had me come right down to repair the U-joints and support bearing in my drive line. He was very up front on costs, timelines, and showed me the issues before he took the task on. Mike was very knowledgeable, professional, and efficient with his work as I was having to wait for the repair rather than dropping off my vehicle. I felt very comfortable and at ease with him working on my vehicle, not searching out additional issues or suggestions to try to increase my final bill as I have had happen at other businesses. His theory on customer service is rare and his skill, talent, and appreciation for his vocation is outstanding. I choose to support small, private businesses rather than corporations, trying to keep my spending local to ensure good people like Mike stick around. It's hard to find someone like him and the service he provides and I will be taking all of my future business to him without hesitation. Thank you Mike, I appreciate you!

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I took my wife's car to see Michael at Trust Auto Repair recently for a brake replacement and oil change. Michael called me after assessing the brakes and gathering the numbers. He let me know outright what it was going to cost to have the brake pads replaced and machining the rotors along with the full cost including the oil change. The brake pads had to be special ordered but he received them the next day, a Saturday no less, and had everything completed by around noon. The quality of the work was top notch and the price was reasonable considering the higher cost of the brake pads. I will go back to Trust for all of my work and will recommend Michael's work to anyone who's looking for honest and solid work.

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Much thanks to Mike Laier. My daughter's elderly Buick is now running on all cylinders and passed inspection. The work was quick and effective, but most of all, Mike listened to me and allayed all my fears. I had been bombarded with opinions and advice and was feeling pretty helpless. I'm very happy with the service and courtesy I received. Lee Theis

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Michael completed the work on the Challenger on Saturday. A brake replacement (Stacy rides that thing hard) as well as an oil change. The work was rock solid, the price was reasonable and it was done very quickly. Our thanks to Michael for his work. We will be back.

Kennett Smith - McKinney, TX

Thanks for the great job you did on my daughter's Tahoe. It drives like new!!!

Kelley Davis - McKinney, TX

Mike, Thanks for the awesome and quick repair you did on my Dodge pickup last week!
Stan Russell - McKinney, TX

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